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Bike trail Nedanbäck - Denningarum

Cycle through the woods to the peninsula "Näset"

Cycle through bright beech forests and embracing environment whit enduring dark spruce forests. Take a rest on an island right in the middle of the quiescent Swedish nature. Here you have time to relax and enjoy – by the water, in the forest, on a meadow, where ever you like. The bike trail offers you not only a great experience of nature, it also runs through beautiful old villages. Worthwhile side trips bring you to an old cottage or to the nature reserve Näset. Along the bike loop there are a lot of cozy places to barbeque - undisturbed in beautiful nature.

You can download an offline map for GPS navigation, and the route is also available at Gramin connect. For more information about that and a description of the bike loop, please go to the links under "More information".


Basic facts

  • Length: 31 km
  • Pavement: 65 % solid gravel, 30 % asphalt pavement, 5 % cyclable forest path, 200 m walking path
  • Level of difficulties: Easy
  • For families: Yes
  • Barbeque areas: Yes
  • Map online: Yes