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Bike trail Skeinge - Malshult

Enjoy little villages and the manor house "Skeinge säteri"

Cycle leisurely on winding pathways through picturesque old villages and tranquil forests. You can enjoy the open fields and blooming meadows on your cycle tour. The bike trail leads you also to a beautiful manor house having dating back to the 17th century. During your bike trail you can take the opportunity to have a rest on the beautiful riverbank of Helge å. There are several places to take nice breaks and a picnic or barbeque can fit nicley after riding the bike for a while. 

You can download an offline map for GPS navigation, and the route is also available at Gramin connect. For more information about that and a description of the bike loop please go to the links under "More information".

Cykel Skeinge-Malshult

Basic facts

  • Length: 28 km
  • Pavement: 60 % solid gravel, 30 % asphalt pavement, 10 % cyclable forest path
  • Level of difficulties: Easy
  • For families: Yes
  • Barbeque areas: Yes
  • Map online: Yes