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Bike trail Gylsboda - Örnanäs

A wonderful blend of culture and nature

Cykel Skeinge-Malshult

This beautiful bike loop offers you a lot of sights along the way. So, take your time if you haven't planned a separate visit.

You cycle in beautiful nature: The trail leads through deep forests, along sparkling lakes and past flowering meadows and forest pastures. If you are really lucky, you might also see a lynx.

About 3 km after the start in Lönsboda you will arrive at the historic village of Gylsboda which has its origin in the heyday of local diabase quarrying around 1900. Here you will find many well-preserved buildings from this period, almost all with information boards in English.

The highlight in the village is the old Sliperiet Gylsboda, a former grindery, which has become a cultural centre. Experience a wide range of exciting works of art. Photographs show the diabase quarrying and old tools are displayed. In addition, there is a fascinating collection of beautiful minerals and fossils with more than 4000 exhibits. Please call in advanceexternal link, opens in new window.

Not far away is the beautiful motif painted transformer station and a deep quarry, ideally suited for unique swimming experiences.

About 2 km after Gylsboda you will cycle past the worth seeing Blissinga cottage, which got its current appearance in 1855. In the cottage, rifles were made for a long time.

After cycling about half the trail, you will arrive at the next highlight, the cultural reserve Örnanäs. Here, a unique combination of old rural culture and nature with historical and biological diversity has been preserved. Experience how people lived on a farm in the 19th and 20th centuries.

On the way back to Lönsboda you will pass the mighty beech of Vesslarp, a natural monument whose trunk measures 5.5 m in circumference.

A few kilometres further on, there is an old notched pine which was used to produce resin-soaked pine wood chips (kindling). The chips served as lighting before there was electrification.

Last but not least, you can make a worthwhile detour to a cottage named "Besa-Joans torp". It was built in 1774 and moved to its current location in 1852. Besa-Joan was a famous vet whose treatment successes became known. Although he did not have a licensure as pharmacist, he was allowed to prescribe medication.

Please read about the sights via the links under "More information". There you will also find the map of the bike loop.

Basic facts

  • Length: 30 km
  • Pavement: 65 % solid gravel, 30 % asphalt pavement, 5 % cyclable forest path
  • Level of difficulties: Easy
  • For families: Yes
  • Barbeque areas: Yes
  • Map online: Yes