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Fishing in lake and river Helge å

Fish in both the lake Skeingesjön and the river Helge å

Hjärtasjön fritt fiske

Don't miss the opportunity for both lake and river fishing. In the lake Skeingesjön are large zander and in the river Helge å lively and strong chub. Deep holes and shallow coves as well as fast or slow flowing sections and kolks allow fishing for many different species.

In addition to big zander and chub, fishing for pike and perch is very promising. Furthermore, there are eel, tench, bream and crucian carp. With a little luck, you can even catch burbot. The strictly protected catfish must be released.

Beautiful beech forest often lines the banks of the lake and the river. That provides a great fishing experience. The lake Skeingesjön is almost 3 km² in size and up to 8 m deep. If you own a boat, you can easily launch it at the northern end of the lake.

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Basic facts

  • Size: The lake: 3 km² - The river:  10 km
  • Depth in lake: 8 m
  • Buying fishing license online: Yes
  • Buying fishing license at site: No. In Osby.
  • Boat launch: Yes, at the northern end of the lake. 
  • Boat to rent: No