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Lake Immeln

A big lake where you can fish unique trout 


Immeln is a unique fishing lake. Here you can catch large-sized lake trout, which doesn't occur anywhere else in the world. The Immeln-trout can weigh up to 7 kg! Fishing for pike and perch is very promising if Immeln-trout won't bite. There is a good pike stock in the lake and perch can weigh more than 1 kg. Furthermore, you can get bream, tench and common whitefish. There is eel in the lake too, but you are not allowed to fish it.

Immeln is the third largest lake in Skåne, 22 km² in size. It has more than 100 islands and so many coves, that its stony shores are more than 100 km long. The water depth of the lake varies greatly up to 28 m. The beautiful lakeside forests and the pristine islands will deepen your fishing experience even more.

You can buy a fishing license online at ifiske. Here you also get more information such as prices, fishing tips and more. Fishing licenses are also available in many places around the lake. The same applies to rowboats. For further information please go to the links under "More information".

Basic facts

  • Size: 22 km²
  • Depth: 28 m
  • Fishing license online: Yes
  • Fishing license on site: Yes
  • Fishing jetties: Yes
  • Boat launch: Yes
  • Boat to rent: Yes
  • Depth map: Yes