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Lake Osbysjön

Free fishing without a license

Try your fishing luck in the lake Osbysjön. It is known for its huge carp as well as the good zander and pike stock. And you don't even need a fishing license! The lake is perfectly suited for curious beginners - there are plenty of perch in the lake. With a little luck, you can also hook burbot, trout, tench, crucian carp or eel. Fishing for carp is allowed, but you have to release it. The extremely rare wels catfish (sheatfish) is strictly protected in Sweden and must be released immediately.

There are many good fishing spots both from shore and boat. You can rent rowboats at the campsite. If you want to use your own boat, you have three easy launch sites around he lake.

The lake Osbysjön is about 5 km² in size and divided into two halves by the peninsula Näset. The deepest parts (up to 5.5 m) can be found in the northern half and at the mouth of the river Helge å.

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Helge å, ett öring- och färnavatten

Basic facts

  • Size: 5 km²
  • Depth: 5.5 m
  • Fishing: Free, without a license
  • Fishing jetties: Yes
  • Boat launch: Yes, 3 sites
  • Boat to rent: Yes
  • Depth mapPDF: Yes


Minimal lengh

  • Pike 40 cm (and maximal lengh 1 m)
  • Zander 40 cm
  • Trout 40 cm
  • Eel 70 cm