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The river Helge å

A river with a lot of trout and chub

Are you up for fishing some trout? Along the river Helge å you have a 20 km long fishing stretch with fast and slow flowing sections. This is why powerful chub feel comfortable here too. As the fishing license also includes some lakes, you have the choice between many fish species in this varied fishing water.

In addition to trout, which are released abundantly, there are perch, pike and tench. Furthermore, bream, crucian carp, burbot, eel and vendace occur. Wels catfish (sheatfish) is strictly protected in Sweden and must be released.

You can buy a fishing license online at ifiske. Here you also find more information about prices, fishing tips and minimum dimensions.

For further information please look at the links under "More information".

Helge å, ett öring- och färnavatten

Basic facts

  • Length: 20 km
  • Buying fishing license online: Yes
  • Buying fishing license on site: Yes
  • Fishing jetties: No
  • Boat launch: No
  • Boat to rent: No