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Swim in lake Hjärtasjön

Enjoy a day out at the lovely lake Hjärtasjön


Enjoy a family day out at the child-friendly lake Hjärtasjön. The lake has a beach with shallow water, long jetties and a playground. A highlight for children! There is also a playground for the young ones just by the lake. You will find toilets and parking conveniently near.

If you would like, you can barbeque right next to the beach, where you can find prepared fireplaces and benches. You may also enjoy a walk around the lake. A beautiful foot path leads along the lakeside, suitable for walking. Even the younger children may appreciate to walk the 3 km long foot path.

You are also allowed to fish without a license in the northern part of the lake. You will find several fishing spots around the lake.

For further information about the walk, fishing and other activites, please go to the links under "More information".

Basic facts

  • EU bathing water: Yes
  • Toilet: Yes
  • Bins: Yes
  • Barbecue area: Yes
  • Shallow water zone: Yes
  • Bathing jetty: Yes
  • Diving platform: No
  • Playground: Yes
  • Parking: About 50 m
  • Kiosk: No