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Swim in lake Osbysjön

More than only swimming

Lake Osbysjön lies immersed in beautiful surroundings and close to almost everything. Perfect for a family day together on the beach. Enjoy the sun on the jetty or a refreshing dip in the lake. There is a lot of fun for your children. The little playground is very popular with the small ones. If you are hungry, you can enjoy a nice picnic on your day out. Just by the lake you can barbeque. There is also a nearby kiosk, where you for example can buy sausage, snacks and ice cream.

After bathing, sunbathing and playing, you may want to get out on the lake for paddling or rowing.

If you want to take a walk after bathing and playing, there are several trails to choose from, such as the Klinten forest trail or the Näset waterside trail. 

For further information about activities please go to the links under "More information".

Basic facts

  • EU bathing water: Yes
  • Toilet: Yes
  • Bins: Yes
  • Barbecue area: Yes
  • Shallow water zone: Yes
  • Bathing jetty: Yes
  • Diving platform: No
  • Playground: Yes
  • Parking: About 250 m
  • Kiosk: Yes, about 200 m