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The walk on Vakö mire

Walk on the biggest mire in south Sweden


Welcome to the largest mire in southernmost Sweden. If you are looking for a rare and unusual experience, this is the place. Here you will find silence, bareness and wilderness.

While walking through the Vakö mire, you may be truly moved by the vast quaint landscape. The seeming wasteland has much more to offer than one would think at first glance. There are many endangered birds and rare plants, such as bog bilberries and cranberries. Even the rare carnivorous sundew grows here, an exciting object for investigation.

The varied walking trail also leads over “islands”, surrounded by the mire. One of them is Flatön. People were living here until the 20th century, living a harsh life depending on only small fields, hay meadows and some cattle.

The 4 km long walking trail ends on a rock, from where you have a beautiful panoramic view over the mire. There is also a bench where you can enjoy the view, the nature and maybe a meal break.

The mire is about 8 km from Hökön or 10 km from Älmhult. At Låkan there is a car park, from where the marked path begins. The foot path runs partly on wooden walkways.

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