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Walking through Vyssle mire

A fantastic mire walk for your 5 senses


The nature reserve Vysslemyr/Västermyr is the largest mire area in Skåne. It offers you a wonderful experience of wilderness:

  • Watch and listen to the impressive courtship ritual of the black grouse.
  • Look at the yellow sea of blossoms when the bog asphodel is flowering in the “Svarta ådran”.
  • Experience the aromatic smell of the marsh tea leaves.
  • Taste the different types of berries.
  • Feel how it is to walk up and down over hummocks and flarks (carefully!).
  • Enjoy the wide view of a pathless wilderness.

You can reach the nature reserve on a gravel road which leads over the mire. It´s possible to take a dry-shod loop walk which leads back on the former railway embankment. If you have rubber boots, compass and GPS device you can take a shorter but more strenuous tour along the edge of the mire. The only paths here are wet well-trodden moose migration routes.

If you want to know more about the rich diversity of birds and flowers and see a detail map klick on the link under "More information".

Kort fakta

  • Length: 5 km
  • Level of difficulties: Easy on the gravel roads, strenous along the edge of the mire
  • Nature reserve: 5 km
  • For families: Yes, on the roads
  • Barbeque areas: No
  • Accessibility: No